We are improving lives by developing an ecosystem of products and services that creates value for the community, customer and company.

Headquartered in Singapore, Zuri International Pte Ltd has founded its Marketing services in the Southeast Asian region to create effective business solutions.

Zuri International develop successful brands and also serves as the marketing arm of various brands for performing the ultimate job of conceptualizing design identities, establishing customer and brand relationship, managing eCommerce, and cross-border logistics. Zuri International has made a successful business model in achieving success in the global market.

At Zuri International, a business is radically progressive not just because of its positive results, but more importantly, in having established a great working environment with the alliance of excellent people in the team and an exceptional customer and after-sales relationship. With the creative blend of leadership, complementary team, respect, honesty, and open communication, Zuri International is determined to achieve its goals for success.

Before the end of 2021, Zuri International will launch two more brands, expand the distribution network of its existing brands, and will unveil 20 more European Brands for southeast Asia Distribution.

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